Wi-Fi Modules + Bluetooth

Secure and Reliable Connectivity. Even in the Harshest Environments.

Wireless connectivity is inevitable for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Wi-Fi’s broad infrastructure makes it an ideal solution for IoT devices. Laird Connectivity’s comprehensive portfolio of Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo modules allows you to select the feature set and connectivity that best meets your products’ needs. With a long history of producing enterprise-grade radios, we pride ourselves on creating the highest quality Wi-Fi + Bluetooth modules available on the market today. Our certified Wi-Fi solutions comprise hardware, software, certifications, and support services to help bring your designs to market with secure and reliable wireless connectivity, even in the harshest environments. Our modules are ideal for robust, business-critical connectivity in medical, industrial, and commercial settings where excellent RF performance, lower power consumption, simplified application development, and fast time to market are a must.

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802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO delivers new capabilities that enable networks to meet the growing demands of consumers and wireless devices. Integrating Wave 2 MU-MIMO into your design can improve overall network efficiency up to 4x. MU-MIMO attempts to mitigate the influx of connected devices by servicing four clients at a time on the downlink connection. This improvement to network efficiency is ideal for dense deployments and crowded environments like stadiums, airports, factories, and hospitals.

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Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Combo Modules

Coupling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology together in one certified solution makes your product more accessible to end users. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are near ubiquitous and driving technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT), so creating a connected product with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interoperability enables seamless interfacing with the millions of phones and tablets already on the market today.

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EMC testing and certifications can increase development time and expenses. Our test engineers work with you to ensure that from start to finish, we provide you with the perfect combination of expertise and equipment to bring your wireless concept to market quickly.

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Laird Connectivity offers Wi-Fi solutions with enterprise-grade security so you can ensure your host system is protected from probes and attacks on the network or the internet at large. Our solutions are ideal for devices that require superior, secure connectivity in the harshest RF environments.

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  • Medical Devices
  • Industrial
  • IoT Devices and Sensors
    IoT Sensors
  • Consumer
  • Handheld Mobility
    Handheld Mobility


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