WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E

WiFi 6 (previously 802.11ax) is the next step in the evolution of WiFi. This standard focuses on network efficiency rather than peak speed. WiFi 6, and its soon-to-arrive counterpart 6E, is all about working smarter and more efficiently to enhance WiFi performance. This latest specification provides higher capacity and better coverage, and it reduces congestion for a better user experience. 

70 Series Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Modules

WiFi 6 is a dramatic leap forward for WiFi, especially in embedded applications. New improvements directly impact the kinds of challenges faced by embedded developers in previous versions of WiFi. We work with our customers to illuminate how these advancements apply to embedded wireless connectivity and create significant value in medical, industrial and logistics markets.

It's not just greater data rates: WiFi 6 and 6E make a significantly more efficient network that makes better use of available spectrum, with greater focus on operational power usage and better infrastructure deployment. The efficiency improvements have come from a broad set of new features, including:

  • Increased data throughput
  • Higher station densities
  • Improved latency support
  • Enhanced low power
  • Additional spectrum