IoT Designed to Work

Many great ideas start with engineering prototypes, but that doesn’t mean they will scale. Why?

Wireless IoT is tricky. Both from a business and technology perspective. Laird Connectivity works with you to match the right technologies and products to your business model. And we provide the support and services to help you anticipate and clear hurdles. We help you make wireless IoT easy!


Device to Cloud Solutions

Laird Connectivity offers all the necessary building blocks needed to complete your IoT solution.

Deploy an off-the-shelf sensor, design-in a module, and communicate to AWS or Azure with a wireless IoT gateway.

Device to Cloud

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Developing and implementing wireless IoT solutions is complex and there are a lot of moving parts. We will help you map it out so you know exactly what you need.     

What’s involved:

  • Map the business model
  • Define the technology
  • Tackle tough questions like security, provisioning, and updates at scale
  • Select the right products and applications to meet the technical requirements at the right price points

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IoT Customization Capabilities

Customization Capabilities

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