Case Study: Compliance Mate

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 18:15

Food safety compliance is more than a matter of following the law. It can also be a serious matter of health, safety, and consumer confidence for a restaurant’s customers. Since 2001, ComplianceMate has been working to make the HACCP compliance process smarter, easier, and more reassuring for restaurants and customers alike. Most restaurants use notebooks and clipboards for compliance checklists. ComplianceMate has been working to change that.

ComplianceMate partnered with Laird to supply and support Sentrius™ RS1xx sensors and RG1xx Gateways for their newest product range. This LoRaWAN based sensor ecosystem enables automated temperature monitoring and reporting with digitized capture and reporting of operational activity within the food service industry. Here’s how we’re innovating technology for the harsh RF operating world of sealed refrigeration units.