RAMP ISM Modules

Cut the Cord. Transmit Serial Data Wirelessly with RAMP.

Range Amplified MultiPoint (RAMP) modules and packaged products provide the perfect proprietary RF solution— in sub GHz or 2.4Ghz— for wireless applications that transmit serial data over long distances with the highest degree of reliability. They are capable of operating in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint network and can support a virtually unlimited number of nodes in a network.

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Laird Connectivity RAMP solutions can be used in various regulatory regions because they comply with all applicable regulations as set forth by agencies such as the FCC, ETSI, and IC. We provide certifications and compliance information for all applicable standards.

Helping our customers achieve these certifications for their Laird Connectivity-equipped devices is part of our product, our solution and our responsibility. Our attention to regulatory compliance minimizes the cost, time and complexity of attaining all required certifications.

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Support Services

Our support provides engineer-to-engineer integration assistance to device manufacturers, as well as consultation and documentation to aid in custom device driver and application development. In addition, Laird Connectivity support extends to our radio module's operation in the field.

Our system engineering team provides Level 2 technical support to device vendors and are well versed in radio frequency characteristics, wired and wireless network architectures, and security protocols.

Contact Wireless Suppor at ews.support@lairdtech.com.

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Organizations need assurance that their mobile computers will interoperate with a Cisco wireless LAN infrastructure and support Cisco wireless LAN innovations.

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White Papers


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