Easily build connected products with our high-quality and reliable, modules, internal antennas and IoT platforms. We can customize any of our products to meet your unique needs.

Wireless Modules

Laird Connectivity’s modules enable secure, reliable connectivity in the harshest RF environments in medical, industrial and commercial settings. They are certified with a largest selection of antenna types enabling you to get the highest performance in your application and avoiding costly and time intensive EMC radio certifications.

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Summit SOM 8M

Internal Antennas

Laird Connectivity is the leading supplier of the highest quality internal antennas engineered for superior performance. We provide antenna solutions for Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IoT/M2M applications. In addition to our off-the-shelf solutions, we provide comprehensive antenna design support such as simulation, testing and manufacturing for custom antenna solutions to meet your specific application needs.

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FlexPiFa 2.4-5.5 GHz

IoT Devices

Laird Connectivity’s Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and solutions give you everything you need to create a complete end-to-end IoT network.  We partner with a number of industry-leading companies including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Analytics, The Things Network (TTN), and Senet. Combine the power of the cloud with the simplicity of Laird Connectivity’s LPWAN solutions, providing an end-to-end, customizable sensor network that gives you full control and management of your data.

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