Accelerating Your Medical Innovations Through Wireless and IoT Connectivity

Healthcare providers around the globe know it is imperative that patient health information is accurate, accessible and captured in near real-time. The market continues to demand smart devices with interoperability to healthcare systems such as EMR, billing, and asset management to drive accuracy of data and workflow efficiencies. 

Enterprise Connectivity

Laird Connectivity provides market leading solutions with exceptional performance including fast scan and roam along with enhanced security for devices whose network connectivity is critical to its operation. Our industry-renowned global team of engineers, developers, and support professionals have helped countless customers bring innovative wireless products to market spanning Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, LoRa, Cellular, custom point-to-point implementations, and more.

Summit Stack

Faster Time to Market

Customers count on Laird Connectivity for accelerating their time to market. Starting with our pre-certified modules and antennas for FCC and authorities around the world. Our EMC Test facility can provide and manage global homologation. Our design services team can supplement existing design expertise or manage the design beginning to end. Our team has expertise for custom modules, enclosures, firmware, software applications, or cloud connectivity.

EMC Testing

Long Term Availability

You can specify Laird Connectivity embedded modules with the confidence that we’ll build and support them through your product development, approvals, and long, successful market life. Laird Connectivity prioritizes flexibility in packaging along with backward and forward compatibility when designing products. We also work closely with our strategic suppliers such as Marvell and Microchip for long term availability of parts and support.

Long Term Availability

Chain of Trust Security Architecture

Laird Connectivity’s Chain of Trust Architecture (CoT) is focused on the securing of medical devices, starting with the Laird Connectivity Secure Communications Module. The CoT is designed with multiple layers of verification, encryption, and signing to ensure the device operates with trusted software loaded. The CoT Secure Module isolates the host application from intrusion attempts. The Chain of Trust extends to our customers by implementing and supporting a secure provisioning and update process that best meets their needs. This is in combination with Laird Connectivity’s dedication to identifying and fixing vulnerabilities proactively, providing a comprehensive, multi-level approach that ensures the security of our customer’s medical device.

Chain of Trust Cover
Chain of Trust

Secure Process

Laird Connectivity is focused on delivering security through the entire software image development and provisioning process via the Chain of Trust Architecture. Secure Boot capabilities (coming soon) are supported on Laird Connectivity’s modules and provisioned during the production process. Software images are signed to ensure software running on the module is from a trusted source. Laird Connectivity provides a secure manufacturing and image provisioning process to maintain secure images through the production process and to ensure signed software images are available for distribution. Our Web Automated Secure Provisioning (WASP) can be utilized to support over-the-air updates for field units. Laird Connectivity invests in maintaining security against the latest threats through consistent common vulnerability testing and threat modeling.

Secure Lock

Products and Solutions that Serve the Healthcare Market

To ensure successful implementation of connected medical devices, we work with our customers from design through product launch. We have design expertise for module integration, embedded Linux, application development, industrial design, along with EMC certifications. Our technical team of experts will support you in any connected medical device applications, including:

  • Infusion Pumps
  • Patient Monitors
  • Diagnostic ECG Machines
  • Portable Ultrasound
  • Glucose Meters
  • Blood Oximeters
  • X-Ray Machines
  • Handheld Blood Analyzers
  • Endoscopic Surgery Systems
  • Cold Chain Monitoring
Healthcare Connected Equipment

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60 Series SOM

Our most powerful system-on-module, featuring 802.11ac, 2x2 MU-MIMO, and Bluetooth 4.2.


60 SoM Render - Upright Front

Summit Stack

Enterprise-grade software update that unlocks the full potential of our 60 Series modules.


Summit Stack


802.11ac, 2x2 MU-MIMO, and Bluetooth 4.2 on one power-conscious module.


60-2230C Wi-Fi Module


Bluetooth 5, NFC, and thread, plus a Cortex-M4F CPU for running hostless applications.


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