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Cold Chain/Food Safety Monitoring

Maintaining optimal temperature of your food or pharmaceutical supplies is crucial in preventing costly spoilage. Laird Connectivity’s wireless temperature monitoring solutions — including the Sentrius Gateway — provide a reliable and affordable way to ensure your coolers and freezers properly function, provide automated, real-time monitoring and report digitized capture and documentation.

Cold Chain Monitoring


We’ll help you save time and resources managing preventable crop loss due to incorrect temperature-humidity balance. Streamline workflow efficiency, increase productivity and avoid perishable product loss or damage across your assets using our automated systems. Our systems track conditions for you and send real-time alerts before small issues become big, expensive problems. With little effort, you’ll be able to deliver mission-critical wireless M2M communication networks tailored to the specific environmental needs of agricultural applications like greenhouses and crop storage.

Industrial Heating and Cooling

Maintaining specific temperatures can sometimes put heating and cooling systems to the test. Heating and cooling units are constantly at risk and can be costly to repair if failures are not caught in time. Laird Connectivity’s Sentrius Series of products provide a solution for monitoring multiple aspects of HVAC systems and will alert you of any issues in real-time.

Industrial Heating and Cooling

Connected Field Services

Grow revenue and optimize your field service team’s performance by letting your equipment talk to them directly. Local IoT sensors and IoT gateways can monitor machine health and run time statistics while sending team alerts, so you know when it’s time for a tune-up or new part.

Field Services

Predictive Maintenance of Material Assets

When industrial equipment fails, the downtime can cost your customers thousands of dollars. Send your equipment’s vibration, temperature, current runtime and operation data wirelessly to your cloud. You can use machine learning algorithms to see how your customers use your equipment and prevent it from failing unexpectedly.

Equipment Monitoring

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