FASTER, SIMPLER, AND MORE SECURE: How a System-on-Module Design Strategy Can Produce Faster, Simpler Design Cycles

Wed, 04/13/2022 - 11:06

In the same way that utilizing a wireless module eliminates a long list of complex tasks for a smart product, a SOM strategy simplifies engineering by providing engineers with a pre-designed, pre-certified solution that integrates the wireless module, the device’s main processor, high speed RAM, reliable flash memory, and power management on the same board. This eliminates a tremendous amount of from-scratch engineering work as well as the complex and time-consuming engineering tasks involved in a chip-down design, allowing design teams to leap ahead in the product development process. 

This white paper provides details about the Summit SOM 8M Plus and discusses how design teams can take advantage of its capabilities to develop wireless enabled products faster, easier and with more security. Along the way, we’ll also share best practices and important design considerations that will help your engineering team be successful with your first SOM design projects.