Securing Your Medical Device Starts with a Secure Communications Module

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 15:23

In today’s technological landscape, securing your device is an increasingly complex goal that requires more comprehensive approaches.

The best and most effective approaches to device security address the vulnerabilities at every level, isolate subcomponents to firewall potential damage, and rigorously test to stay ahead of malicious activities. Devices leveraging an embedded OS, such as Linux, require security to be designed at the point of product creation and hardened to a sufficient level prior to leaving the factory.

Laird Connectivity is introducing its latest line of Enterprise Performance and Security modules based on the 60 Series SOM. These modules use the Chain of Trust architecture which is rooted in hardware to ensure only authorized software is loaded and executed on the device. This makes it much more difficult to leverage the 60 SOM-based communication module to compromise its host or attack other devices on the same network. The 60 SOM based communication module is also designed to be securely updated to quickly remediate any vulnerabilities found in the future.