WB50NBT WiFi Module with Bluetooth

Not Recommended for New Design (NRND)


Fully Featured Wireless Bridge with Effortless Integration. 

Laird Connectivity’s 50 Series Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth® modules achieve the best possible connectivity in any RF environment, powered by the Qualcomm Atheros QCA6004 and the Cambridge Silicon Radio CSR8811. With industry-leading software, Linux and Android support, and a wide range of form factors, Laird Connectivity’s 50 Series is a flexible option for your enterprise wireless needs. The security and robustness inherited from our expertise in our 40 and 45 Series modules means the most   reliable wireless in crucial, even life-critical applications, such as medical and industrial.

WB50NBT: On-board Linux-based MPU. Layers of physical/logical security. Operates independent of host. 47mm x 37mm x 4.9mm.

  • New Wireless Capabilities: Advanced 802.11a/b/g/n, 2x2 MIMO, Advanced Power Save, Enhanced BT/Wi-Fi Coexistence, Fast Roam
  • Form Factor: Full wireless bridge subsystem
  • Bluetooth 4.0: Enables Classic Bluetooth and Low Energy mode. 
  • Complete RF Pathway: Onboard baluns, mobile phone coexistence filter, diplexer, power amplifier, low noise amplifier, and reference crystal oscillator.
  • Pre-calibrated for performance: Tuned in manufacturing


BT Capable
CSR CSR8811 Bluetooth 4.0 dual-mode (EDR+BLE) Class I Bluetooth (60dBm TX Power)
BT Chipset
CSR 8811
BT Dual Mode
BT Interfaces
CSR CSR8811 Bluetooth 4.0 dual-mode (EDR+BLE) Class I Bluetooth (60dBm TX Power)
Dimension (Height - mm)
4.9 mm
Dimension (Length - mm)
47 mm
Dimension (Width - mm)
37 mm
Spatial Streams
2X2 MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output)
Temp Spec
-30° to +85°C (-22°F to 185°F)
Wi-Fi Chipset
Qualcomm Atheros AR6004
Wi-Fi Interfaces
Qualcomm Atheros AR6004 2x2 802.11 a/b/g/n on 20/40 MHz bandwidth
Wi-Fi Spec
802.11 a/b/g/n
DVK-WB50NBT Development Kit
WH-WB50NBT Module

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Name Part Type Last Updated
WB50NBT Flash Programming using the Atmel SAM-BA Utility.pdf All Application Note 01-17-19
WB45NBT and WB50NBT Logging and Troubleshooting.pdf All Application Note 01-17-19
WB45NBT and WB50NBT WebLCM for the Linux Platform.pdf All Application Note 01-17-19
FIPS Mode Support.pdf All Application Note 01-17-19
EU Declaration of Conformity - WB50NBT.pdf All Certification 01-17-19
Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Updates - May 2017 All Certification 03-01-19
RoHSII - REACH Compliance WiFi v1 5.pdf All Certification 02-04-19
User Guide - Laird Command Line Interface.pdf All Documentation 01-17-19
Quick Start Guide - WB50NBT.pdf All Documentation 01-17-19
Reference Guide - Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures All Documentation 02-14-19
Product Brief - 50 Series All Brochure 10-25-19
Release Notes - WB50NBT v3.5.3.11.pdf All Documentation 01-17-19
WB50NBT Reference Guide v1 3.pdf All Documentation 01-17-19
Datasheet - WB50NBT v1.17 All Datasheet 10-25-19
Release Packages - WB50NBT (Github) 0.txt All Software 02-26-19
BB50NBT Schematic - v1.1.pdf All Documentation 02-26-19
WB50.zip All Software 01-17-19
sam-ba-wb50-20151207.tar.bz2 All Software 01-17-19
arm-laird-linux-gnueabi.tar.bz2 All Software 04-02-20
Application Note - Guidelines for Replacing Antennas v1.0 All Application Note 01-17-19
EN Certifications - WB50NBT All Certification 07-23-19
FCC Certifications - WB50NBT All Certification 07-23-19
IC Certifications - WB50NBT All Certification 07-23-19


How do I disable the Bluetooth radio on WB50NBT?

To disable the Bluetooth radio on the WB50NBT the signal BT_PWD_L (PE5_A5) needs to be set to low. Alternatively the command "/etc/init.d/S95bluetooth stop" can be used.

How do I disable the WLAN radio on on WB50NBT?

The WiFi part of WB50NBT can be turned off by setting the signal WLAN_PWD_L (PE3_A3) to low. Alternatively the command "ifrc wlan0 stop" can be used.