Antennas for the Entire Smart Utility Network, from Provider to End User

Smart Utility networks require reliable and secure antenna solutions for end to end communications and data transfer. Laird Connectivity has solutions for every point in a connected grid from Utility Providers all the way to Smart Meters and Consumer Applications.

Wide Range of Solutions

Today’s Smart utilities are connected using several unique wireless protocols, each of which feature unique strengths and capabilities for their given applications and Laird Connectivity has solutions for each of these. Each brings something to the table: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for gathering local/consumer end data; LoRaWAN to route data to the cloud over Low-Power WAN (LPWAN); cellular 4G/5G/LTE-M for nationwide blanket coverage; and even private networks incorporating high gain antennas for wireless backhaul. Every scenario has an ideal solution and our wide range of antennas gets critical data where it needs to go, securely.

Custom Antenna Solutions

Our decades of experience in antenna integration, optimizing antenna performance, and endless customization make Laird Connectivity the natural choice.

  • Design, Simulation, and Prototyping Expertise
  • Complex In-Ground, Underground and 'Pit Lid' Antenna Placement and Design Experience
  • Experience with Complex Multi-Band/Protocol Antennas (WiFi/BLE/LTE/GPS)
  • Testing & 3D Pattern Provision
  • EMC/FCC Compliance Certification
  • Low Cost, In-house Manufacturing in both USA and Malaysia

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Internal Antennas for Metering and Consumer End Applications

Laird Connectivity’s diverse range of internal antennas are reliable, low cost and easy to install inside meters.

The FlexPIFA has an integrated ground plane making it less sensitive to detuning than a dipole solution. The mFlexPIFA is designed and tuned ready to be placed directly on metal. For high end WiFi MIMO applications, take a look at the FlexMIMO solution. A variety of other PCB options are offered, as follows:


CBRS Antennas for Self-Contained Networks

Many utilities are now migrating to the recently opened CBRS Bands taking advantage of the benefits of added security and lower cost of these self contained networks. Laird Connectivity has a variety of solutions in various form-factors to meet your needs.

OC69421-FNF & OC35506P-FNF Infrastructure Baton Antennas
CBRS, Cellular + CBRS Combo
Distribution Networks, Wide Area Networking, Substations

CFSA69383P In-Building DAS Antennas
Cellular + CBRS
In-Building Communication

VFH69383x22JU Vehicular Multi-Port Antennas
Multi-Port: CBRS, Cellular, Wi-Fi , GPS(GNSS)
Utility Vehicles

SJS330065-17-001 High Gain Outdoor Sector
Defined Coverage Areas

CBRS Antenna

High Gain Antennas for Long Range Transmission

Laird Connectivity has a range of infrastructure antennas to establish your IoT network. The families below cover point to point, omnidirectional and directional antennas.

Dipoles & Monopoles for Gateways

A range of swivel and fixed dipole and monopole solutions with gain levels up to 6dBi. Extensive options exist for various frequency bands, connector types, fixed vs swivel, and weatherproofing levels.

DBA Series Cellular 698-2700 MHz

RD Series Wi-Fi, BT/BLE, Zigbee 2400-2500 + 5100-5925 MHz
RD2458-5-SMA, RD2458-5-RSMA, RD2458-5-RTNC

2.4GHz Dipole Wi-Fi, BT/BLE, Zigbee
001-0001, 001-0010

2.4GHz & 5GHz Dipole Wi-Fi, BT/BLE, Zigbee
001-0009, 001-0012

EXD Series ISM315 + ISM433

EXC Series ISM868 + ISM915

EXE Series ISM868 821-902 MHz

Hinged Dipole Antennas ISM915 902-928 MHz
001-0002SM, 001-0011

Laird Connectivity DBA69271 Dipole Antenna

Gar Multiport Antennas for Infrastructure

Laird Connectivity’s Gar VFx69383x antenna is a multiport and multiband solution to support a complete communications hub. The Gar family offers up to 5 different port assignments including LTE, WiFi, GPS/GNSS. It features an attractive IP67 low-profile aerodynamic housing that makes it a fantastic choice for any outdoor application such as haulage, transportation or remote monitoring. 

VFP69383x22JN 5 Port
2x LTE + 2x WiFi + 1x GNSS

VFQ69383x21JN 4 Port
2x LTE + 1x WiFi + 1x GNSS

VFT69383x11JN 3 Port
1x LTE + 1x WiFi + 1x GNSS

VFT69383x2NJN 3 Port
2x LTE + 1x GNSS

VFD69383x1NJN 2 Port
1x LTE + 1x GNSS

VFD69383x2NNN 2 Port
2x LTE

Gar Antenna - Render

Disk Puck Multi-Port for Infrastructure 

Our Disk Puck antennas come in a mechanically robust, impact and UV resistant radome and are IP67-rated. These antennas provide excellent coverage for both fleet and fixed asset applications.

LPS Series 1x LTE
LPS69223NT-61xxxx, LPS69273NT- 61xxxx, LPS69863NT-61xxxx

VLQ69273x22N 2x LTE / 2x WiFi

VLQ24593xN4N-518x 4x WiFi

VMT24493RSM-3663x WiFi

VMD24493RSM-366D 2x WiFi

VHP69273x22J 2x LTE / 2x WiFi / 1x GNSS

VMJ24493x 2x WiFi / 1x GNSS

VLQ69273x21J 2x LTE / 1x WiFi / 1x GNSS

VLT69273x11J 1x LTE / 1x WiFi / 1x GNSS

VLT69273x2NJ 2x LTE / 1x GNSS

4-port 3G-4G/WiFi/GNSS Antennas

Multi-Port Canister and Ceiling Mount Antennas

Industry leading low-profile ceiling mount and canister antennas create reliable infrastructure networks for Smart Utilities coverage 

CMD69423 698-4200 Mhz
LTE 2x2 MIMO, Ceiling Mount

OP24516 2400-2500 + 5150-5875 MHz
6-Port WLAN, Canister

S2451DBT 2400-2500 + 5150-5850 MHz
6-Port WLAN, Ceiling Mt. Omni.


Phantom Series for Infrastructure 

Laird Connectivity’s single and multi-band Phantom antennas are known industry-wide for their IP67 weather resistance, rugged construction and excellent performance. They’re the antenna of choice whether you need cellular, LTE M/NB-IoT, ISM868/915, UHF, or Wi-Fi. These antennas offer excellent performance with superior gain across the horizon vs competitor antennas. Many Phantoms are available for small and no-ground-plane applications. 

Phantom Series Vehicle Antennas

HCF Series Low Profile LTE Antenna

Phantom Antennas

MIMO Phantom

The 2-Port MIMO Phantom antenna is a multi-protocol, wide-bandwidth antenna designed to support the latest and most demanding Smart Utilities applications. Supporting 2x2 MIMO – choose from cellular (4G/LTE, 5G), Bluetooth, ISM 868 and 900, Sigfox, LoRaWAN and 2.4GHz. The Laird Connectivity MIMO Phantom offers excellent omni-directional gain with minimum uptilt to optimize coverage, even when installed on small or no ground-plane devices. 

MIMO Phantom Series


Cable Assemblies and Accessories 

Laird Connectivity’s coaxial cable assemblies are engineered for peak performance up to 6 GHz and manufactured in one of our state-of-the-art production facilities. They are tested 100% and certified to meet performance specifications and minimize system losses to within known parameters and these cable assemblies meet those requirements.

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