Custom Antenna Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

Design Expertise

Laird’s highly experienced team will work directly with you to evaluate antenna characteristics and performance factors critical to developing the optimal antenna solution, including frequency band, gain and pattern shaping, radiation efficiency, and required form factors. Laird has experience designing, testing and manufacturing antennas from low band VHF frequencies to 6 GHz.

Design Expertise

Testing/3D Patterns

Laird operates multiple 3D anechoic antenna test chambers, located globally, that capture accurate, 3D antenna patterns, assuring that your antennas meet or exceed the expected performance requirements.

Testing 3D Patterns

Low Cost, In-house Manufacturing

For decades, Laird has produced the industry’s highest quality antennas for leading brands at our own manufacturing facilities. With 27 total assembly lines, 39 molding machines, and 9 FIP machines, Laird produces the industry’s most cost-effective, high performance, custom antenna solutions with the fastest time to market.

Low Cost Manufacturing

EMC/FCC Compliance Certification

Laird has its own, independently managed, certified FCC/IC/CE test laboratory. This is truly a game changer that sets Laird apart from the competition. Whether your product needs compliance certification for the U.S., Canadian, or European markets, our in-house testing capabilities save an enormous amount of time, enabling you to bring your wireless solution to market faster and with complete confidence.

EMC Testing

Why Choose a Custom Antenna?

Laird's custom antennas address specific design challenges and requirements to provide an ideal antenna solution for any application.

  • Maximum Performance - Antennas specifically designed to perform in your enclosure, to your requirements.
  • Lower Cost Solution - Everything you need and nothing you don't, reducing BOM costs efficiently.
  • Custom Multi-Band Capabilities - Performance across the full range of needed frequencies.
  • Custom Mechanical Requirement - ESD, environmental, and shock tolerances to be sure you stay connected, no matter what.

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Custom Antenna