Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial sectors are undergoing a massive digital transformation, sparked by a convergence of new technologies. Low-power wide area wireless technologies are dropping costs of adding intelligence and sensing equipment. Always-on, high-performance technologies collect, organize, and turn data into actionable insights. As wireless IoT experts, Laird Connectivity understands the technology, practical requirements and constraints to successfully deploy IoT technology and realize the commercial value. We offer wireless products, platforms, and services to help your organization capture value from the IoT and connected product initiatives.

Wireless Node

We offer a broad range of secure wireless solutions that stay connected in even the harshest environments. Choose and integrate Bluetooth, LoRa, cellular, sub-GHz point-to-point or Wi-Fi connectivity to your new products.



Ensure your data is protected. Choose industrial-grade solutions from Laird Connectivity and securely connect your legacy equipment to services like AWS or Azure IoT with wireless gateways. 


Long-term Support of Hardware and Software

Build your IoT networks with confidence. With our customer’s in mind, Laird Connectivity offers solutions with long-term hardware and software support and simple upgrade paths, so you won’t have to worry about redesigning your product. 


Application Areas

Wireless technologies are being deployed across industries to build new business models and revenue streams. Manufacturers (OEMs) of equipment like forklifts, HVAC chillers and pumps are wirelessly connecting their legacy equipment to offer insights to their customers. Innovative startups and major enterprise companies are deploying wireless, battery-operated sensors to remotely monitor everything from restaurant refrigeration units and soil moisture on farms to commercial towel dispensers. These sensors enable a range of benefits including:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Automatic reporting on critical regulations
  • Improved field service operations
  • Automatic refilling of profitable consumables

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Using the smartBASIC programming language was a really big plus – the idea that I could program in a language that I was familiar with and had multiple features built in got me from A to B in a very short period of time. I started development of a new sensor early in January, and I had a working prototype by mid-February."

Bill Stein
Founder and CTO
Etesian Technologies

Featured Solutions


Wireless IoT gateways that provide secure out-of-the-box connectivity for gathering actionable IoT intelligence.




Battery powered, long range integrated sensor platform that leverages LoRaWAN + BLE.


RS1xx-v3 noshadow-resize.png


Bluetooth 5, NFC, and thread, plus a Cortex-M4F CPU for running hostless applications.




802.11ac, 2x2 MU-MIMO, and Bluetooth 4.2 on one power-conscious module.


60 2230C straight.png