What is the Maximum LTE MTU size with the Pinnacle/MG100?

The max MTU is 1500 bytes but the network operator can set a lower value, it also depends on the Internet Protocol Version (IPV4,IPV6), and the protocol itself (UDP/TCP). If max MTU size is 1500 bytes then :

  • IPV4, default value = 1020 bytes
    For UDP: 8 – 1472 bytes max
    For TCP:  8 – 1460 bytes max
  • IPV6, default value = 1020 bytes
    For UDP: 8 – 1452 bytes max
    For TCP: 8 – 1440 bytes max

If user application send more than the MTU limitation, the module will display those data with several URCS (Unsolicited Result Codes).