BL654 Series Bluetooth Module with NFC
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Antenna Type
Bulk or Single
Chipset (Wireless)
Nordic nRF52840
Dimension (Height - mm)
11 mm
Dimension (Length - mm)
50.74 mm
Dimension (Width - mm)
18.39 mm
Frequency Range (Max)
2480 MHz
Frequency Range (Min)
2402 MHz
Frequency Range 2 (Max)
13.56 MHz
Frequency Range 2 (Min)
13.56 MHz
Logical Interfaces
Serial (USB)
Nordic SDK, Zephyr
Product Type
USB Adapter
Programming Options
Zephyr / Nordic SDK
System Architecture
Bluetooth 5.3, Single Mode (BLE), 802.15.4 / Thread / Zigbee
Pluggable USB Adapter

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How do I launch menuconfig for Zephyr?

If you would like to launch "menuconfig" for your Zephyr build, add "-t menuconfig" to the end of your build command.  

For example:

west build -p -b mg100 -d ble_gateway_dm_firmware/build/mg100 ble_gateway_dm_firmware -- -DAPP_TYPE=mqtt -t menuconfig

For more information:

Interactive Kconfig interfaces — Zephyr Project Documentation

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