FIPS Cryptographic Modules

Simplifying FIPS to lower complexity, costs, and time to market.

Building your own FIPS (What is FIPS?) solution from scratch takes years of development with an incredibly steep learning curve. Focus on your core business and leverage our Summit Suite FIPS cryptographic modules on our products, skipping years of learning, testing, and development as well as the 18+ months required to validate a FIPS module.

We’re one partner with every needed capability, providing the processing hardware, best-in-class WiFi, and FIPS validation expertise under one roof. Don’t sacrifice wireless and application performance for cryptographic excellence; get the best of all worlds with our Summit Suite FIPS.

FIPS Cryptographic Features

FIPS Cryptographic Features

  • Encrypted WiFi data-in-transit

    Hardware accelerated encryption with many WPA types and authentication types available, including WPA3-Enterprise CNSA/Suite B 192-bit mode1
  • Encrypted TLS data-in-transit

    Validated Transport Layer Security (TLS) for use with any internet transport protocols that can use the TLS APIs of OpenSSL
  • Encrypted data-at-rest

    Validated hardware-accelerated directory-level encryption for storing sensitive files.
  • Algorithm available to build other solutions

    Create custom validated cryptographic solutions or port existing protocols to our OpenSSL compatible userspace API.
  • Complete coverage for your product's lifecycle

    Regular updates for critical CVEs, new validation testing, and evolving FIPS standards. We also proactively provide updated BSPs prior to 5 years expiration for you to integrate.
  • Industry-leading support

    Our Tier 2 and FAE support bring expert assistance, working with you and our engineering to reduce your time to market.
Getting Started

Getting Started

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