While consumers look to 5G for more throughput and faster apps for their mobile devices, enterprises are eager to reap the benefits that 5G brings when it comes to speed, capacity and latency for use cases such as:

  • Industrial IoT
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Smart Vehicles
  • Smart Cities
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality  
Industrial IoT

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth (and newest) generation of cellular network technology. 5G cellular networks are expected to provide a significant increase in both network capacity and spectrum efficiency.

With 5G comes three new features:

  • Faster speeds which can move far more data
  • Lower latency to improve network response time
  • The ability to connect many additional devices at one time
5G Antenna Smart City

Featured Antennas for 5G

IoT and M2M Antennas

Laird Connectivity offers a comprehensive portfolio of 5G ready, IoT antennas that target specific market applications such as smart utility meters, vending, smart city applications, digital signage, security, medical, and a host of other general IoT applications.

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Phantom Antennas

Vehicular Antennas

Laird Connectivity’s latest multiport vehicular antennas, Gar and Barracuda not only increase signal reliability and data throughput but enable the possibility for vehicles to function as communication hubs. Both antennas are 5G ready, aerodynamic, and ruggedly reliable, and are the only vehicular antennas in the industry to come with a 5-year product warranty.

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Barracuda Vehicular Antenna


Laird Connectivity is a leader in iDAS innovation, being the first to market with ultra-low profile ceiling antennas. The latest iDAS antenna launched is the CFSA35606P, which is 5G ready, public safety and FirstNet ready, and ideal for environments where aesthetics and wide-angle coverage are necessary for successful wireless deployment. The surprisingly small size and extreme low profile enables maximum mounting flexibility while maintaining desired in-building aesthetics.

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Revie Flex Series

The Revie Flex series of internal cellular antennas are flexible, peel-and-stick antennas to cover a wide range of cellular frequencies for IoT applications. The series gives you the design flexibility to cover the whole spectrum of cellular frequencies or just the basics, based on your needs.

  • Ground plane independent - For design simplicity
  • Frequency Optimized - Made for 5G, LTE-M, Cat M1 and NB-IoT
  • Wide bandwidth - Pairs with all radios in specified frequency range
  • Excellent efficiency - Greater than 50% for carrier certification
  • Adhesive-backed - Easy peel-and-stick integration
  • Customizable - Many connectors and cable lengths available
Revie Flex - Transparent Background