Is Win8/8.1 supported with the PE15N?

While the PE15N driver for Win7 should run without issue on Win8/8.1 machines due to the backwards compatibility of Win 8.1 with Win 7, we have not as yet fully tested this. Our intention is to do a full QA Regression Testing pass against Win8/8.1 early in 2015 to confirm this. At this time there are no plans to support the new features related to Wi-Fi that are part of Win 8.1 as opposed to Win7, however we do want to make sure that the Win 7 drivers are able to run on Win 8/8.1 platforms and support all current functionality. Examples of Win8/8.1 (NDIS6.x & Native WiFi) features that fall into this category would be Wake On Wireless (WOL) & Enhanced Power Management, Network List Offload (NLO), WiFi Direct (WFD), 802.11w (PMF), and Connected Standby. We are happy to accept customer feature enhancement requests and consider them balanced against the applicable business cases. That being said, we do feel that the current feature set provides excellent performance under the most demanding circumstances and that we already provide similar or matching features that are deemed important by our customers.