Received Compile Error: (0x433)TOK_UNEXPECTED_TOKEN_IN_EXPR: Source : rc = BlePhySet(hConn, PhyTx, PhyRx, 0) when loading Sample Application from BL652 GitHub

The error you are seeing is because the version of the sample application you are attempting to load was updated to work with a newer firmware version which supports additional functions/features, that are not supported in the firmware version loaded to your module.

With the release of the v28.7.3.0 firmware version the Bluetooth v5.0 2MPhy feature was added, which enabled the use of 2MPhy modulation to increase throughput. The version of the sample application that you are attempting to compile and load contains functions related to this feature that were not available in previous firmware versions.

We recommended that the firmware is upgraded to the most current firmware version, which can be downloaded from the BL652 Product Page in the Documentation section under Software