Can my BT510 measure vibration frequency with its embedded accelerometer?

As part of the default BT510 firmware developed by Laird Connectivity, the accelerometer data is pretty binary:

  • Movement detected.
  • No movement detected.

The BT510 motion detection is done by comparing accelerometer data against an arbitrary threshold adjusted by a slider into the Sentrius BT510 phone application.

User-added image

Any overshoot of acceleration detected will trigger the event "Movement" which then will be advertised afterwards.

The default BT510 accelerometer use-case is mainly targeted to motion detection of an asset during a logistics supply chain. Customers can set the above threshold from 1 to 99 to adapt motion detection sensibility according to their needs.

If customers decide to develop their own firmware, they can have access to further data like acceleration value and orientation.
However, the ST LIS2DH sensor embedded into the BT510 doesn't include vibration frequency application:

User-added image

Hence it makes the BT510 not really suited for vibration frequency measurement applications.