The BL600 module contains 256K of flash memory - how much flash memory is left in the end to hold my smartBASIC applications?

The 256K of flash is shared by the following components:


1) The BLE software stack from Nordic Semiconductor

2) Laird’s smartBASIC engine

3) File system to store users smartBASIC Application and data files.

4) Non-volatile data store for user to do as they please, see NvRecordSet(), NvRecordGet()

5) The trusted device database which contains thinks line LTK,IRK,CSRK etc


Item (3) is currently 32k bytes.

Item (4) is 4k bytes (but given headers etc, actual effective user data space is about 75% of that).

In our experience, the largest smartBASIC application we have seen is about 20K.

If item (4) is not big enough, Laird recommends that an external I2C or SPI based serial EEPROM be included in the customer design. In this case, you could have about 256kbytes and smartBASIC provides high level API to read/write from I2C or SPI ports. You will not need to write any low level drivers and sample code can be supplied on request.