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Because Laird manufactures RF solutions, our engineers understand the nuances of product development to ensure your products achieve compliance.

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The “Comments Text Box” is a great place to make sure we have all the information to provide an accurate formal quote. Here are some topics our customers find themselves thinking about. Please read through them and feel free to write us a quick note on any of these, or others you are thinking about.

  • Are there web links to my product, or similar products, to help better explain my device?
  • If I am testing multiple devices, what is the easiest way to explain the difference between them?
  • Do I have a hard timeline I need to meet?
  • Do I have all the Test Modes ready for compliance testing?
  • I don’t know what Test Modes are needed for compliance testing.
  • This product is part of a family where some testing might be able to be leveraged for other products, how do I do that?
  • I’m lost, I have no idea what to do and I really just need a 20 minute call to better understand the compliance path.
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