The Easy Button: Go from sensors to business outcomes rapidly with Cumulocity IoT and Laird Connectivity

Fri, 01/28/2022 - 10:11

IoT solutions show measurable return on investments for businesses across a variety of industries by creating efficiencies and enabling new business models. They can, however, be challenging to implement and difficult to scale. From managing devices and configuring connectivity types, to ingesting data and building applications, it can all be a bit overwhelming. Until now.

Laird Connectivity, a leader in wireless modules and IoT devices, alongside Software AG, a leader in Industrial IoT platforms, are removing complexity from IoT implementations. This informative webinar showcases how Laird Connectivity’s latest range Bluetooth enabled sensors and cellular IoT gateways can easily and quickly integrate with Software AG’s Cumulocity Cloud platform, allowing for rapid achievement of business outcomes. The webinar will highlight 3 different IoT use cases and focus in on how the partnership drives real business value for our joint customers.

Webinar sponsored by:
Laird Connectivity and Software AG

Hosted by: 

Jonathan Kaye, VP of Product Management & Marketing @ Laird Connectivity
Jeremy Cowan, Editorial Director & Publisher @ IoT Now
Ricky Singh, VP IoT Americas @ SoftwareAG