Zephyr Hits New Milestone: 1,000 Contributors, 55,000 Commits

Fri, 09/17/2021 - 13:08

Hitting Critical Mass: The Expansion of the Zephyr Community

Laird Connectivity’s silver membership with the Zephyr Project is a commitment to the RTOS for the future of IoT. Our support and joint development on our BL65x modules, Pinnacle modem, IoT sensors, and IoT gateways represents our long-term investment in giving our customers more ways to develop their wireless projects, alongside our smartBASIC application language, support for traditional Nordic SDK, and applications to support traditional communications via the AT command set.

This week, the Zephyr Project reached an exciting new milestone as the open source codebase now boasts 1,000 contributors, 55,000 code commits, and newly-Silver level member Antmicro and new member Wind River. The promise of open source is thriving in the Zephyr project, bringing new devices, tools, and functionality to the widely popular RTOS, giving developers worldwide an increasingly flexible and functional platform for the future of IoT deployments.

The Zephyr Project celebrates this significant milestone, as well as many other signs of the momentum and drive of the expanding Zephyr development base that hint at an exciting future for the project, and Laird Connectivity is proud to be a part of this growing community.