How a Custom Antenna Can Take Your Design to the Next Level

Wed, 08/28/2019 - 15:36

Just about everything is going wireless these days, as the Internet of Things continues to gain steam. This has been the trend for some time in consumer electronics, like lighting that you can control with a smartphone or appliances that connect over Wi-Fi. And it’s not enough that new devices arrive with wireless – increasingly, devices are being retrofitted for connectivity by their manufacturers. This means something that is already fully designed now has a new need for an antenna and wireless hardware enclosure. These devices are all different, shaped differently and constructed differently, and their unique demands mean that often a one-size-fits-all antenna may not meet the application’s requirements.

This means more than not, a manufacturer might need a custom antenna (or a modified antenna from an existing design) to solve that product’s unique needs. These include considerations around performance, range, regulatory compliance, power, gain, frequency, cost, and much more. Each are very important to the end device, and in the case of retrofitting wireless, there may also be pre-existing constraints to these based on the device itself.  

The following are the four main reasons selecting a custom antenna can take your design to the next level.