Digital Signs Require Reliable Connectivity

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 08:00

Digital Signs, Scoreboards, Billboards, and More

The world is moving fast and scoreboards and signs are keeping pace. Signs are going digital in order to update content quickly and efficiently. In addition, digital signage is often more effective than traditional billboards offering timely updates and capable of producing better revenue. LED signs and scoreboards are placed in areas most convenient and accessible to viewers, though not always in locations ideal for connectivity.

So, how can you ensure reliable wireless connectivity for digital signs and scoreboards? Learn how Laird Range-Amplified MultiPoint, or RAMP radios can help bypass these issues and more in our latest video, Ensure Reliable Connectivity for Digital Signs.

View the video: Ensure Reliable Connectivity for Digital Signs

Laird RAMP ISM radios are available for both embedded applications and as stand-alone bridge solutions. They are fully certified, allowing for easy configuration and installation without the need for costly spectrum analysis. Laird RAMP radios allow companies to quickly and cost-effectively cut the cable to their scoreboards, billboards, digital signs, and more.


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