Can I load a smartBASIC application OTA without the use of a smartphone (ie. Module to module)?

OTA script loading from module to module (no phone) is possible. Once SIO_19 is pulled low on the Peripheral module, it will advertise VSP Command Mode. On the Central Role module, if you load/run the ?$autorun$.VSP.UART.bridge.outgoing? smartBASIC program, you can scan/connect to the advertising VSP module. Please be aware that you will need the MAC address of the advertising peripheral device to connect the two modules. You simply need to type ?scan? then ?connect ?. Also, please note that the VSP advertising peripheral device may time out so you may need to reset the peripheral device before connecting. Once the two are connected, if you right click and select ?XCompile+Load? in the Central device?s terminal window, this will load the desired program onto the peripheral device without needing a terminal window for the peripheral device. If you append ?$autorun$? at the beginning of the OTA loaded program, it will run on power-up.  

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