Sera NX040 Series - UWB + Bluetooth LE + NFC Modules
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Antenna Type
Chipset (Wireless)
NXP Trimension SR040, Nordic nRF52833-CJAA
Interfaces - General
Cut Tape
Product Type
Embedded Module
AT Commands, Nordic SDK, Zephyr, Python Scripting
System Architecture
Hosted or hostless
Bluetooth 5.4, UWB, NFC

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I am having problems installing pyocd for Python

At the time of writing there may be issues installing pyocd for Python 3.12. If you experience issues such as failing to build wheel for hidapi, try reverting to Python 3.10 or 3.11.

We have also seen issue where pyocd reports an error during install, requiring VS C++ build tools. Be sure to install the C++ build tools using the link in the error. If the C++ build tools install fail then try to temporarily disable virus checking (or consult with your IT department) as we have seen some antivirus block some VS scripts used during build tool installation.

What is Laird Connectivity's product lifecycle EOL and PCN policy?

Laird Connectivity is committed to the long-term supply of all its standard embedded wireless modules and packaged products. Laird Connectivity’s products are specifically designed to meet the needs of the industrial and medical markets, which typically require 7 – 10 years product lifecycle. Although Laird Connectivity can’t guarantee that a component used in our products will not be obsoleted and cannot be reasonably substituted, Laird Connectivity can assure customers we will continue to sell our product when we have customer demand and can obtain the necessary components to build our products.

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