LT1110 Series

Recommended for New Design (RND)


Laird's third generation 915 MHz FHSS module sets yet another standard for industrial RF communication. Based on proprietary FlexRF technology, this globally-accepted module will exceed most OEM application and performance requirements. Embedded with Laird's robust server-client protocol, the LT1110 permits an unlimited number of clients to synchronize to a single server for low latency communications. The server and all clients in a network can communicate with any radio in range via either addressed or broadcast packets. The configuration and test software allows OEMs to design and test networks to suit their applications. The enhanced API commands provide packet routing control and network intelligence. With its field-proven proprietary FHSS RF protocol and increased penetration at 915 MHz, the LT1110 rejects RF noise, excels in multipath scenarios, allows for co-located systems, and provides an extremely reliable communication link.

Note: Some variants of the LT1110 and related DVK and SDK variants have reached end of production and are available on a limited basis only. Find the End of Life Announcement in the Documentation tab below. Only the following part numbers are affected:

- PRM210

- PRM211

- PRM220

- PRM221

- PRM241

- DVK-PRM241


Wireless Specification
900 MHz FHSS
Antenna Options
Integrated Chip or U.FL
Chipset (Wireless)
TI CC1110
Connector Type
Pluggable with U.FL connector
Dimension (Height - mm)
4 mm
Dimension (Length - mm)
39 mm
Dimension (Width - mm)
25 mm
902-928 MHz
Logical Interfaces
Output Power
+13 to +23 dBm (200 mW)
FHSS Wireless Protocol
Transmit Power (Max)
.353 oz (10 g)
Product Type Technology OS/Software System Architecture Chipset (Wireless) Antenna Type Logical Interfaces Frequency Range (Min) Frequency Range (Max) Antenna Options Channels Compliance Connector Data Rate Dimension (Height - mm) Dimension (Length - mm) Dimension (Width - mm) Input Power Transmit Power (Max) Output Power Power Consumption (Rx) Power Consumption (Tx) Protocols Range Receive Sensitivity Weight Wireless Specification
PRM240 Embedded Module Proprietary RF (9xx MHz) Configuration and Test Software Hosted TI CC1110 External UART 902 MHz 928 MHz U.FL Connector (x1) 52 Channels FCC Pluggable 230 kbps 4 mm 30 mm 25 mm 3.3V TTL + 23 dBm 200mW 30 mA 230 mA FHSS Wireless Protocol Outdoor: 3.2 miles. Indoor: 800 feet. -89 dBm .353 oz (10 g) 900 MHz Cable Replacement System

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Can I get true full duplex operation from the RAMP products (RM024, AC4490, AC4790, LT1110, CL4490, CL4790)?

In the Laird RAMP line of products there is a feature called Full Duplex that leads one to believe they can talk upstream and downstream simultaneously. This is not the case, Full Duplex in the RAMP products gives a dedicated slot within the frame to the Server or Initiator and the second slot or next frame to the Client or Responder. 

Can I choose an RF Channel that is outside of Wi-Fi interference on the RAMP radios?

The RF Channel setting in our Laird RAMP modules and radios is not a true RF Channel or frequency of operation, it is actually just specifying a psuedo-random hopping sequence. The radios must, per the FCC, hop through every frequency in the band.
The RF Channel setting is only choosing a hopping pattern for navigating through all of the channels but each channel will be hopped to within a single pattern.

Do any of the RAMP products support XON-XOFF?

Xon-Xoff is not supported on any of our RAMP products. Flow control (handshaking) uses hardware RTS and CTS.