2.4 GHz Integrated RF Module for 802.15.4

The ProFLEX01-SOC RF modules utilize a high performance 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 radio in a cost effective, per-certified footprint. Based on the Texas Instruments CC2530 System on Chip (SOC) and including the CC2591 PA/LNA, these transceiver modules provide a high level of performance in environments where direct line of sight is not an option. This is accomplished by increasing both the transmit power and receive sensitivity.

The ProFLEX01-SOC module does NOT come with any pre-loaded firmware, it is intended to be used as a hardware platform. There are various software stacks from Texas Instruments that can be used on the module. Also the module is NOT FCC/IC or ETSI certified.


Dimension (Height - mm)
23 mm
Dimension (Length - mm)
41.5 mm
Dimension (Width - mm)
4.2 mm
Operating Temp - Max (°C)
+85 °C
Operating Temp - Min (°C)
-40 °C
Receive Current
32 mA, 2440 MHz, 3.3V, +25°C, -50 dBm input
Receive Sensitivity
-97 dBm, 1% PER
Transmit Current
160 mA, 2440 MHz, 3.3V, +25°C, +20 dBm
Transmit Power
20.0 dBm
2.4 V - 3.5 V
Wireless Specification
Additional Description
450-0035 ProFLEX01-SOC PCB Inverted F Antenna
Additional Description
450-0044 ProFLEX01-SOC w/U.FL Connector MOQ applies, contact Laird sales, not available through distribution

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