The Laird Connectivity USB-SWD Programming kit is the ideal accompaniment for your product development process that utilises Laird Connectivity’s range of Nordic Semiconductor based modules and products.

The 453-00062-K1 kit provides all of this extended feature set, as well as including everything needed in a single kit:-

  • Programming options
    • Mass storage device with Drag n Drop hex/bin file
    • Simultaneously program multiple 453-00062-K1 kits on a single PC
    • Programming & debug by pyOCD options
    • Programming QSPI data from hex file
  • Royalty free programming of modules (no need for Segger license)
  • Passthrough mode for Sentrius BT510 for use with external programmer (such as a JLink)
  • USB Connection and power
  • Reset button
  • UART interface
  • Powered by USB


Flexible Programming Options

The USB-SWD Programming kit is compatible with our Nordic-based modules such as the BL600, BL651, BL652, BL653/BL653u, BL654/BL654PARM1xx Series, and Pinnacle 100. It also works with our Sentrius BT510, BT610, and BT710 sensors and MG100 gateways. 

Any hex file can be programmed to your device, including those supporting smartBASIC, Nordic nRFConnect SDK, MyNewt, MBED & Zephyr RTOS.

Supported HEX Files for USB-SWD Programmer: smartBASIC, Nordic nRFConnect SDK, MyNewt, MBED, and Zephyr RTOS
Additional Description
453-00062-K1 USB-SWD Programming Kit: Includes mainboard, TC2050-IDC Tag Connect cable, 10-pin flat IDC cable, 1.2 m USB cable, and 2-pin jumper

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