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The new EK-B02-BL5340 evaluation kit, brought to you by Laird Connectivity and Packetcraft, delivers a complete Bluetooth LE Audio solution using our new BL5340 Series module and Packetcraft’s LE Audio software. This solution is ideal for engineers looking to evaluate LE Audio for emerging next generation Bluetooth LE audio applications.

The new LE Audio evaluation kits are comprised of Laird Connectivity’s BL5340 Bluetooth 5.2 development boards, a custom audio interface board, and Packetcraft’s comprehensive software solution for LE Audio. The BL5340 is the most advanced, most secure and highest performing dual core MCU wireless solution available. This series of robust, tiny modules features the Nordic nRF5340 SoC and directly targets the highest performance with the lowest power budget.

Packetcraft’s LE Audio solution includes the link layer, host stack, and LC3 codec. Packetcraft’s software is Bluetooth qualified and designed specifically for ultra-low power resource-constrained embedded devices. Together, these solutions provide a platform that gives developers everything needed to start creating Bluetooth LE Audio products such as wireless microphones, broadcast audio for infrastructure, and much more.

Ready to Go - Right Out of the Box!

The EK-B02-BL5340 is pre-configured out of the box. Simply plug in power, audio input, and audio output, follow our one-page quick start guide to select your demo, and you're off testing LE audio applications with Packetcraft's industry-best LE audio software. 

The kit contains: 

  • 3 x Laird Connectivity BL5340 DVKs
  • 3 x BL5340 AIB v1
  • 1 x ground loop isolator
  • 3 x audio cables TRS 1/8” (3.5mm)
  • 3 x USB cables for power
  • Pre-loaded LE Audio Eval Kit binary firmware
  • Quick Start Guide (QSG)

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Five Full-Featured Demos of Common Use Cases

The kit is ready straight out of the box to demonstrate broadcast music, unicast music, and dual-microphone applications with synchronized stereo or multiple left/right receivers. These serve the following common use cases: 

  • Personal Audio Sharing
  • Location-based Audio Sharing
  • Banded Headphones
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Conferencing, music, and gaming
  • Wireless microphone

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EK-B02-BL5340 - Single Board
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EK-B02-BL5340 EK-B02-BL5340 LE Audio evaluation kit

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