BL654PA Series Long Range Bluetooth Module

Recommended for New Design (RND)


Building on Laird Connectivity’s expertise with Nordic from the BL654 series comes the most powerful yet - the BL654PA series! It provides OEMs with the maximum design flexibility and performance. A complete multi-protocol embedded wireless offering with exceptional processing capability, all with extended PA / LNA support for even greater range.

Powered by Nordic’s nRF52840 silicon, the small form factor BL654PA modules and DVKs provide for a secure, robust BLE and Cortex-M4F CPU for any OEM’s product design. The BL654 provides you with maximum development flexibility with programming options for a simple, intuitive AT Command Set, as well as Laird Connectivity’s own smartBASIC environment.

  • Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy (BLE) + NFC
  • Integrated Skyworks Power Amplifier - Up to +18 dBm output
  • Ultra-small footprint - 22 mm x 10 mm x 2.2 mm
  • 2 Mbps and LE Long Range

More power so you can go farther. 

The BL654PA features an onboard power amplifier that doubles the output power to as high as 18 dBm, over twice the power of the original BL654 Series. High output power and LE Long Range mean roughly double the range for your Bluetooth applications. 

  • Utilizes Skyworks part # SKY66112-11
  • Provides + 10dBm more than standard BL654 (part # 451-0001 / 451-00002)
  • Range of external antennas certified
  • Complete power control with onboard smartBASIC FW image


Antenna Options
PCB trace antenna or IPEX MHF4 connector
Bluetooth Version
FCC / IC / RCM / KCC / Bluetooth SIG
Nordic nRF52840
Chipset (MCU)
Logical Interfaces
46 GPIOs to support 2x UART, 8x ADC, 2x I2C, 4x SPI, 1x QPSI, 2x PDM, 2x I2S, NFC
Power Consumption (Tx)
102.2 mA (@ +18 dBm)
Programming Options
smartBASIC programming language, AT Command Set
Receive Sensitivity
-98.5 dBm to -107 dBm
Transmit Power
+18 dBm (maximum), configurable down to -26 dBm. (+14 dBm in LE CODED PHY mode)
Antenna Type Bulk or Single
453-00020R Integrated Antenna Bulk - Tape and Reel
Antenna Type Bulk or Single
453-00021R IPEX MHF4 Connector Bulk - Tape and Reel
Antenna Type Bulk or Single
453-00020C Integrated Antenna Bulk - Cut Tape
Antenna Type Bulk or Single
453-00021C IPEX MHF4 Connector Bulk - Cut Tape
Antenna Type
455-00022 Integrated Antenna
Antenna Type
455-00023 IPEX MHF4 Connector

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