Sentrius™ BT610 Thermistor Coefficient Calculator

This calculator generates the Steinhart-Hart coefficients used by the BT610 firmware to determine the temperature reading for 10k NTC thermistor sensors.

The default coefficients found on the BT610 are for use with our thermistor assembly, part numbers 133-00719 / 133-00719B.

*Note that the BT610 is currently configured to only use 10k NTC thermistor sensors.

The Steinhart-Hart coefficients may be published by the thermistor manufacturer. If not available, this calculator will derive them from the published thermistor R-T table values.

Calculator use directions:

  1. Provide three thermistor resistance values at three different temperatures.
  2. The resistance-temperature pair inputs should be spaced over the thermistor measurement temperature range.
  3. Enter the output values for Coefficient A, Coefficient B, and Coefficient C using the Device Configuration tools as directed in the BT610 User Guide

Input Resistance-Temperature Pairs

R (kΩ) T (˚C)

Calculated Steinhart-Hart Coefficients

Coefficient A:  
Coefficient B:  
Coefficient C: