Why I can't see any temperature value from my RS1xx?

It's important to note there are multiple RS1xx versions :

Those version and probes aren't interchangeable.

For instance, If you take an RS1xx External Temp Sensor, it won’t be equipped with humidity sensor.
In a same way, you won’t be able to use an RTD probe on an Ext Temp Sensor.

It's also good mentioning that all of External Temp and RTD Sensors will work correctly if and only if their temperature probes are connected and well tighten. You can refer to this guide for installation : User Guide - Sentrius RS1xx Ext. Temperature Sensors

Also, ensure that your RS1xx is loaded with the last firmware version. This can be uploaded using the Sentrius mobile application.

Last but not least, please make sure to check your RS1xx part number to confirm this is the version you think it is.

If non of the above work, please contact Laird Connectivity Support.