Why does the Software Development Selection Switch (SW1) on my Lyra development board look different?

Based on your Lyra development board revision you may notice a slightly different silkscreen and labeling for the Software Development Selection Switch (SW1). On all Lyra development boards with revision 2.2 (or prior) AT/BGx is labelled as BGx and C-DEV labelled as AT/SWO. Please refer to our Lyra S Development Kit and Lyra P Development Kit User Guides for more details.

This modification was introduced with the latest available Lyra S and P development boards to better reflect all various and supported software development types. It is a cosmetic change only and does not have any impact on the function of the Lyra development board.

The revision number is printed on the back side of your Lyra development board as illustrated and highlighted in the below example. It can be located in one of the corners near the 10-pin header row, product label and Mini Simplicity Connector.

Lyra-S/D DVK Bottom View

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