Why am I not seeing LINK light on my CL4490 when it is configured as a Server?

We recommend you check the Configurations of the Server using the Configuration Utility to verify whether the Sync to Channel feature as been enabled. Sync to channel is used when there are collocated systems to enable the servers of the systems to sync with each other so that they do not occupy the same frequency at the same time. If Sync to Channel is enabled but not in use (no collocated systems), not correctly configured to select the correct "Hop Master", or the Hop Master is not powered on and in range, the Server's LINK light will not light up and the networks will not communicate.

If not using Sync to Channel this feature should be disabled. If Sync to Channel is required for collocated systems please reference Appendix II of the CL4490 User Guide for additional information about the correct configurations when using this feature and ensure the Hop Master is powered on and in range.