What is the recommendation to detect if antenna attach well in ST60-2230C series?

(1) While setup the environment, make sure the environment is under control, better not to use 2.4GHz channel for the testing. Antenna attach well or not is not related to frequency, so better to test in 5GHz channel.

(2) If you want to setup several devices at the same time, you may setup AP with different channels  (recommend to use 5GHz DFS channel which softAP device won’t be in these channels, less interference)

(3) You may set SISO_mode=1 to test if the device is able to connect to AP. Then change setting to SISO_mode=2 and reboot device, check again if able to connect to AP as well.

Remember to set it back to the setting at the end of the test.

(4) Recommend to lower the AP’s power, either the AP support power adjustment feature or add attenuator in AP antenna, so that it can tell only when attach antenna well, then it’s able to connect AP.

P.S.: the signal difference with antenna and without is around 30~40dB. And the sensitivity of the module is around 90~94dBm.