What is Beamforming?

When you add beamforming technology to mMIMO, end users experience significantly higher network capacity and coverage with less interference. The combination of these two techniques is critical to ensure reliable, cost-effective coverage. 

Beamforming is basically the ability of an antenna array to adapt a wireless signal to fit specific environmental situations. One way to think of beamforming is to consider a laser beam versus a standard flashlight. Flashlights spread light is a wide array whereas a laser pointer directs a pinpoint of light to a specific location. 

With the high number of antenna arrays involved with a beamforming mMIMO antenna system, far more highly-focused or directed radio waves provide better throughput and a stronger signal to an increased number of users over greater distances. Laird Connectivity’s AAS can adapt to its surroundings to ensure the highest level of network performance for both the downlink (transmit) and the uplink (receive) communications. 

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