Silicon Labs Bluetooth Stack Features for Lyra Devices

Feature Description
Bluetooth SIG version Bluetooth(BT) 5.2
Bluetooth features

BT 5.2 GATT caching
BT 5 2M PHY 
BT 5 LE Long Range
BT 5 advertisements (ADV) sets and scan event reporting
BT 5 extended ADV/s

  1. Anonymous ADV
  2. Periodic ADV
  3. Extended ADV packet size: up to 1650 B 

Concurrent central, peripheral, broadcaster, and observer modes LE secure connections
LE Privacy 1.2 (peripheral) LE packet length extensions LE dual topology
Whitelisting (central side only)
LE Power Control

Simultaneous connections Up to 32 Simultaneous connections  regardless of role (master or slave)
Maximum throughput 1300 kbps over 2M PHY
700 kbps over 1M PHY
Encryption AES-128
Pairing modes Just works, Man-in-the-Middle with numeric comparison and passkey Out-Of-Band
Number of simultaneous bondings Up to 32 
Link Layer packet size Up to 251 B
ATT protocol packet size Up to 250 B
Support BT profiles and services All GATT based profiles and services are supported
Apple HomeKit Apple HomeKit R15-complant implementation, which implements all Apple HomeKit profiles and services. The HomeKit SDK is available separately for Apple MFI licensees
Host (NCP) interfaces 4-wire UART with RTS/CTS control or 2-wire UART w/o RTS/CTS
GPIO/s for sleep and wakeup power management
Wi-Fi Coexistence Using Packet Trace Arbitration (PTA)
Bootloader Secure Gecko Bootloader supporting authenticated and encrypted updates over OTA or UART and Secure Boot.
The Gecko Bootloader also supports flash partitioning for both internal and external SPI flash types.
Non-volatile memory NVM3