How to perform OTA update of Lyra devices using EFR Connect

This section summarizes how to perform Secure OTA firmware update to the Lyra devices in the field. For testing, the soc-empty template can be used and first steps is to modify the project so that a change can be detected in the EFR Connect mobile app if the device is successfully updated. The next steps is to store the signed image to a cloud storage service that your mobile device can access and the final steps will be to use EFR Connect to initiate an OTA update. 

  • To generate signed images for soc-empty template please modify the BLE device name and change it to: LCI Example in the soc-empty project, build the project and finally run the script create_bl_files.bat/sh using the same private key file signing-key.
  • Copy output_gbl folder with the images: application-signed.gblapplication.gblapploader.gbl, apploader-signed.gblfull.gbl, and full-signed.gbl to Dropbox cloud storage for example. 
  • Run EFR Connect to perform the OTA procedure, please experiment with partial, full signed images for successful updates and to initiate the failed update use unsigned images.