How to generate signed bootloader image using private key

Use the generated private key file signing-key and Second Stage Bootloader executable bootloader-storage-internal-single-512k.s37 to generate the signed version of the Second Stage Bootloader image. The output file, for example can be called: bootloader-storage-internal-single-512k-signed.s37. Issue the command below to generate the signed version of the Second Stage Bootloader:

commander convert bootloader-storage-internal-single-512k.s37 –-secureboot –-keyfile signing-key –-outfile bootloader-storage-internal-single-512k-signed.s37

bootloader-storage-internal-single-512k.s37 - unsigned bootloader image, an input parameter for commander utility.

signing-key private key, an input parameter for commander utility.
bootloader-storage-internal-single-512k-signed.s37 - signed bootloader image, an output file generated by commander utility.

Note: to use the command as shown above place the unsigned version of the Second Stage Bootloader executable and private key signing-key in the same folder. In addition, the command "commander" can be run from any folder if was added to the path environment variable.