How to generate IAR soc_empty project

How to generate IAR project files

The IAR project's files can be generated using Simplicity Studio project generator option “IAR EMBEDDED WORKBENCH PROJECT”. Once generated the project can be imported to IAR

Steps to generate IAR project

  • Open *.slcp file in Simplicity Studio 
  • Change to Overview tab 
  • Select Edit in Project Generators

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  • Push Save button 

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Once the IAR project files were generated, the IAR IDE can be launch by clicking the *.eww inside or outside of the Simplicity Studio as needed:

  • “IAR EMBEDDED WORKBENCH PROJECT” option generates three files (*.ewd, *.ewp, *.eww)
  • The path to the location of the project and IAR files are at Resource Location property. To obtain the location please right click on the project -> Properties

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