How to flash images to the Lyra device using commander utility

The following three images are flashed to the chip in addition to the public key: 
bootloader-storage-internal-single-512k-signed.s37 - signed **second stage bootloader 
apploader-signed.gbl - signed apploader GBL for field OTA updated.  
application-signed.gbl - signed application firmware GBL.

Please change to the folder where the images are located and run the commands below:

commander flash bootloader-storage-internal-single-512k-signed.s37
​commander flash apploader-signed.gbl
​commander flash application-signed.gbl


Note: For testing the signed images, use the EFR Connect application.  The device loaded with signed application image of the soc-empty template project from Simplicity Studio without any modifications should be advertising with Empty Example name. The name Empty Example should be in the scan list to conclude that the signed images were created correctly.