How fast can a door open/closed event be detected/transmitted on the RS1xx sensor?

The state change is based on ‘latency’;

  1. The RS1xx uses two internal dwell times to detect a door open and close. These can be set to a minimum of 5 seconds (which is also the default setting). So anything faster than 5 seconds will be suppressed and a change or the door won't be transmitted faster than 5 seconds.
  2. Independent of the dwell time the RS186 faces a minimum LoRa uplink interval due to duty cycle limitation. At the maximum data rate (SF7BW125) the airtime is roughly 60msec, which then adds a dead time of 99x60msec=5.94sec. So from this we get a minimum cycle time of roughly 6 seconds, hence smaller dwell times than 5 seconds wouldn't make much sense. At the minimum data rate (SF12BW125) the airtime is roughly 1480msec plus a dead time of 99x1480msec=2.4min giving a minimum cycle time of roughly 2.5min.

So the latency of a door open/closed state detection plus transmission would be 6 seconds in a best case scenario (maximum LoRa data rate SF7BW125).

This applies to the RS186 EU version due to duty cycle limitations.

The RS191 will end up at approximately 5 seconds latency, purely due to dwell time.

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