How to enable CMSIS-PACK support in IAR for Silicon Labs devices

Steps to install CMSIS-PACK in IAR for Silicon Labs devices

CMSIS-PACK manager helps with extending the functionality of IAR software to support device's specific functions of Silicon Labs IC. The steps below will describe the installation of Silicon Labs CMSIS packages using CMSIS manager within IAR Workbench IDE.

To launch the CMCIS-PACK Manager from the project: Open the project in IAR IDE and select [Project] -> [CMSIS-PACK] Manager

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A popup will appear asking if you want to enable the CMSIS manager for the project, say yes

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When the CMSIS Manager opens select the Device tab and under Silicon Labs see if there are any entries for the BGM22 Series. If not there might be entries for EFR32BG22 parts or else select [Help] > [Check for Updates]

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From the Devices tab, select the EFR32BG22 or BGM22 group and then select the [Packs] tab and there should be a Silicon Labs.GeckoPlatform_EFR32BG22_DFP package. If not click the blue Refresh icon in the upper right. There should be a grey Install icon available, click that to install the support package

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Once the CMSIS-PACK is installed the IAR tools are extended and ready yo be used to support Silicon Labs devices from BGM220 family