How do you make an SPP connection (Classic Bluetooth) with the Vela IF820 to a Windows PC?

By default, the Vela IF820 module is loaded with EZ-Serial firmware, which has Classic Bluetooth SPP data mode active by default.

The EZ-Serial firmware platform for Laird Vela IF820 series module supports Bluetooth Classic SPP service as a simple method to send and receive serial data over a Bluetooth connection. This operational mode is separated from the normal command mode where the API protocol may be used. When SPP data mode is active, any data received from an external host will be transmitted to the remote peer, and any data received from the remote peer will be sent out through the hardware serial interface to the external host.

To connect Vela IF820 via Bluetooth SPP profile using a computer (Windows) follow these steps:

1.    Click the Bluetooth icon on your Windows Taskbar or access the Bluetooth menu from Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Devices and Printers. Select Add a device.

2.      Select device named “EZ-Serial XX:XX:XX_BT” and connect. Windows will install drivers for this device. You will find two ports associated with this device in Device Manager.

3.      Open a terminal application and connect to the COM port (typically the lower numbered COM port is the port to select).

Now you can transfer data between the terminal application in Windows and the terminal of the Laird Vela IF820 module.