How do I return my ConnexLink Radio, AC4490/AC4790, RM024, LT1110 radio to its default settings, can I use Show Defaults?

As per section 3.10 of the Laird Configuration and Utility User Guide, [Show Defaults] settings should ONLY be used as a reference and should NEVER be written to the radio.





Writing the "show defaults" settings to a radio can result in the unit entering an unrecoverable state (bricked). If the radio enters this state a new radio must be purchased, it can not be repaired. After viewing the default settings using this feature, you should ALWAYS read the current settings using [Read Radio] prior to writing any changes to the radio with [Write Radio].

To restore the radio to its default state you will need to load an EEPROM file, containing the default settings, to the Laird Configuration and Test Utility software using [Load File] and then write these settings to the radio using [Write Radio]. It is recommended to save a copy of the default configurations to a file prior to altering the settings using [Save to File] feature in the Laird Configuration and Test Utility. If you do not have a file with the default settings saved please contact us via our Support Portal and we will provide you with a file containing the default settings for your specific radio.