How do I change the dev name in iBeacon sample code?

It is advised to change in 2 places - FUNCTION StartVSPAdvert() dim addr$, scRpt$, adRpt$, UUIDStr$, dta$, dta1$ adRpt$="" dta$="ABCDEF" blerc = BleGapSvcInit(dta$,0,512,100000,200000,4000000,0) blerc = BleAdvRptInit(adRpt$,2,1,6) scRpt$="" blerc = BleScanRptInit(scRpt$) dta$="ABCDEF" '//Add device name to scan report -- comment statement if you don't want blerc=BleAdvRptAppendAD(scRpt$,0x09,dta$) //Commit the advert report blerc = BleAdvRptsCommit(adRpt$,scRpt$) //Start advertising addr$="" blerc = BleAdvertStart(0,addr$,100,0,0) ENDFUNC 1